About Ursa

Viewing a Student’s Academic Standing, Hours, GPA, etc.

  1. Log on to Ursa at https://ursa.unco.edu using your network user name and password.
  2. Access Production Banner (INB) via the link under your Employee tab.
  3. Go to SHATERM using the Go To field.
  4. Enter the student’s Bear Number in the ID field.
  5. You must enter a level of UG (undergraduate) or GR (graduate)
  6. Perform a Next Block using the Block icon or the Block drop-down menu in the tool bar, or by using the shortcut keys: Ctrl + Page Down.
    View Student Academic Standing

You will be able to view the first and last terms attended, the current academic standing, the hours and GPA information. Institution and Overall GPA calculations will be the same as transfer hours and will not be calculated into the Overall GPA.