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Student Registration Permit-Override

Using INB to Process a Student Registration Permit-Override

  1. Logon to Ursa at https://ursa.unco.edu using your network user name and password.
  2. Access Production Banner (INB) via the link under your Employee tab.
  3. Go to SFASRPO using the Go To field.
  4. Enter the student's Bear Number in the ID field.
  5. Enter the term in the Term field (e.g. 200650 = Fall 2006) or use the Term drop-down menu to select the term you want.
  6. Perform a Next Block using the Block icon or the Block drop-down menu in the tool bar, or by using the shortcut keys: Ctrl + Page Down.
  7. Using the Permit drop-down menu, choose either:
    1. Capacity - space in the class only
    2. Instructor Consent - all restrictions, including capacity
    3. Instructor Consent Excluding Cap - all restrictions, excluding capacity
  8. Enter the Course Record Number (CRN) for the class in the CRN field.
  9. Save by using the Save icon, selecting Save from the File drop-down menu in the tool bar, or by using the shortcut key: F10.
  10. To release more than four classes, go to Record in the tool bar and from the drop-down menu choose Insert. A blank row will appear. Student Permit Override

Important Note

Whenever you use Ursa, don’t forget to log out. Ursa contains personal information such as grades, financial aid, e-mail addresses, etc. and if you don’t log out someone else might be able to access it.