Ursa Help

If you have problems with your account, please contact the Technical Support Center at 970-351-4357 or http://help.unco.edu 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quick Tips


You can request access to Ursa and the Banner databases/functions within it by going to www.unco.edu/aboutursa/resources.html and clicking on the security form that fits your request as a faculty member, student, or employee.

Follow the instructions on the top of the form to submit and make sure to fill out the brief job description because it helps us determine what access you need

Logging On

To logon to Ursa you will need to go to https://ursa.unco.edu. Enter your network logon information (first name.last name) and password.

Banner Production (also known as Internet Native Banner or INB)

To get to Banner Production, click on the Banner Tab once you have logged on to Ursa, then click on the Banner Production folder (link).

Some of the frequently used forms in Banner Production are:

  • SPAIDEN - this is where you will view basic student information such as name, address, phone, and email.
  • SGASTDN - this is where degree information is located. You can also find residency and student classification here.
  • SHATERM - this is where you can look at GPA, total hours completed and first/last terms attended.
  • SOAHOLD - this is where student holds can be viewed.
  • SFASLST - this is where you can access class rosters.
  • SFAREGQ - this is a quick glance at what a student is registered for.
  • SGAADVR - this is where you can view who a studentís advisor is.
  • SFASTCA - this is where you will look at a studentís registration history for the term.
  • SHACRSE - this is where you can get a list of the courses that a student has taken at UNC.
  • SHATRNS - this is where you can view transfer work that has been articulated, by institution.
  • SFASRPO - this is where registration overrides can be done.

Banner Self-Service

To get to Banner Self-Service, click on the Faculty, Employee, or Student tab once you have logged in to Ursa, then click on the Banner Self-Service folder (link).

Important Note

Whenever you use Ursa, donít forget to log out. Ursa contains personal information such as grades, financial aid, e-mail addresses, etc. and if you donít log out someone else might be able to access it.

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