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Internal Sales Account Codes

Revenue Account Codes   Expense Account Codes
Roll-Up: 57900 Internal Sales Operating Rev Roll-Up: 71041 Internal Purchases-Cost of Sales
57920 Internal Sales-COS Resale Equipment Rental 72920 Internal Purchases-COS Resale Equipment Rental
57922 Internal Sales-COS Resale Room Board 72922 Internal Purchases-COS Resale Room Board
57923 Internal Sales-COS Resale Facility Rent 72923 Internal Purchases-COS Resale Facility Rent
57924 Internal Sales-COS Resale Dining Catering 72924 Internal Purchases-COS Resale Dining Catering
57926 Internal Sales-COS Resale Parking 72926 Internal Purchases-COS Resale Parking
57927 Internal Sales-COS Resale IT 72927 Internal Purchases-COS Resale IT
57928 Internal Sales-COS Resale Supplies 72928 Internal Purchases-COS Resale Supplies
57929 Internal Sales-COS Resale Other 72929 Internal Purchases-COS Resale Other
  Roll-Up: 72902 Internal Purchases-Purchased Serv
57940 Internal Sales-Printing/Copying 72940 Internal Purchases-Printing/Copying
57970 Internal Sales- Business Services 72970 Internal Purchases-Business Services
57995 Internal Sales-Parking Services 72995 Internal Purchases-Parking Services
  Roll-Up: 72904 Internal Purchases-Supplies
57930 Internal Sales-Postage 72930 Internal Purchases-Postage
57946 Internal Sales - Athletics Recruiting 72946 Internal Purchases - Athletics Recruiting
57948 Internal Sales - Athletics Training Table 72948 Internal Purchases - Athletics Training Table
57960 Internal Sales-Supplies 72960 Internal Purchases-Supplies
57962 Internal Sales-Computer Supplies 72962 Internal Purchases-Computer Supplies
57964 Internal Sales-Computer Software/Licenses 72964 Internal Purchases-Computer Software/Licenses
  Roll-Up: 72906 Internal Purchases-Gen Operating
57910 Internal Sales-Official Functions 72910 Internal Purchases-Official Functions
57950 Internal Sales- UNC Facility Rentals 72950 Internal Purchases-UNC Facility Rentals
57952 Internal Sales-Prizes REPORTABLE 72952 Internal Purchases-Prizes REPORTABLE
57953 Internal Sales-Prizes NONREPORTABLE 72953 Internal Purchases-Prizes NONREPORTABLE
57955 Internal Sales- UNC Equipment Rental 72955 Internal Purchases-UNC Equipment Rental
57956 Internal Sales-Conference Fees 72956 Internal Purchases-Conference Fees
57957 Internal Sales-Room & Board 72957 Internal Purchases-Room & Board
57958 Internal Sales-Dining Catering 72958 Internal Purchases-Dining Catering
57959 Internal Sales-Service Fees 72959 Internal Purchases-Service Fees
57979 Internal Sales-Maintenance Agreements 72979 Internal Purchases-Maintenance Agreements
57990 Internal Sales-Other Operating 72990 Internal Purchases-Other Operating
  Roll-Up: 72965 Internal Purchases-Facility Expense
57966 Internal Sales-Building Maintenance 72966 Internal Purchases-Building Maintenance
57967 Internal Sales-Equipment Maintenance 72967 Internal Purchases-Equipment Maintenance
57968 Internal Sales-Custodial/Cleaning Supplies 72968 Internal Purchases-Custodial/Cleaning Supplies
57969 Internal Sales-Grounds Maintenance 72969 Internal Purchases-Grounds Maintenance
  Roll-Up: 79890 Internal Purchases-Capital Assets
57980 Internal Sales-Capital Outlay $5,000 and Above 79980 Internal Purchases-Capital Outlay $5,000 and Above
Note for Revenue Account Codes Note for Expense Account Codes
All Internal Sales data entry is at Account Level 3 All Internal Purchases data entry is at Account Level 4 (except 79980)
ALL roll up to Account Level 2, 57900 Roll-up shown above is at Account Level 3 (except 79890)
This Is important in reviewing/developing Insight reports. Internal Expense codes should not use an 8xxxx Agency fund code.
Internal Revenue account codes should not use a Codes to be phased out but kept for historical purposes
10000 General or 8xxxx Agency fund code. 71040 Cost of Sales-Internal Purch
    72211 Internal Purchases-Supplies
    72375 Internal Purchases-Rent of UNC Facl