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If you have problems with your account, please contact the Technical Support Center at 970-351-4357 or http://help.unco.edu 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Creating a Class Roster in Excel

  1. Logon to Ursa at https://ursa.unco.edu using your network user name and password.
  2. When youíre in Ursa, your name will appear under the Ursa header.
  3. Click on the Faculty tab.
    Class Roster in Excel
  4. In the Class Roll channel, enter the Course Record Number (CRN) for the course for which you want to create a class roster and click on Submit.
    Class Roster in Excel

    Note: The class roll channel may not render properly using the Safari 1.x, and Internet Explorer 7.x browsers.

  5. Click on either Open or Save.
    Class Roster in Excel
  6. The class roll will appear in an Excel spreadsheet with the following information: CRN, course prefix, number, section, instructor, the studentsí: Bear Number, names, level, major, phone numbers and e-mail address).
  7. From the spreadsheet you can copy and paste e-mail address(es) into an e-mail message for one student, several students or the whole class.

Important Note

Whenever you use Ursa, donít forget to log out. Ursa contains personal information such as grades, financial aid, e-mail addresses, etc. and if you donít log out someone else might be able to access it.

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