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Banner Section Numbers

1-499 Regular On-Campus Courses
970-979 Online On-Campus Courses
801-869 On-Campus Directed Studies and Non Scheduled Courses
Extended Studies Courses ( 'O' is on all courses ):
500-599 Independent Study
600-649 Professional Development (off-campus face to face)
650-699 Contract Courses (off-campus face to face)
700-799 Off-Campus Degree Programs (face to face, includes Urban Ed.)
900-929 Off-Campus Degree Programs Online
930-939 Idependent Study Online
940-959 Professional Development Online (includes some General Ed., could show open, tuition will be different)
960-969 Contract Courses Online
870-879 Professional Development Directed Studies
990-999 Blackboard Merged Courses
880-899 Degree Programs Directed Studies

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