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Banner Forms

What is a Form?

A form visually organizes information so it is easier to enter and read. A Banner form is similar to a paper form, except information is entered once and then used by other forms, reports and jobs.

Banner Forms
Title Bar May display the form’s descriptive name and the seven-character ID name.
Search Icon Calls up the set-up form that contains the pre-entered data for you to select from.
Key Block Contains information that determines what is entered or displayed on the remainder of the form.
Information Block Displays data about the information entered in the Key Block. Area where you enter information prior to updating a record.
Field Area on a form where you can enter, query, change and display specific information.
Pull-Down List Used to select a field value from a list of pre-defined values


A wildcard is a special character that represents one or more other characters.Using wildcard symbols % and _ in search criteria. % (percent sign) represents any number of characters. _ (underscore) represents one occurrence of a character.

Note: The letters “ma ” are used as an example. The wildcard symbols can be used with any combination of letters in any order.

To get these results … Enter these criteria …
All entries that contain 'ma' %ma%
All entries that begin with 'ma' ma%
All entries that end with 'ma' %ma
All entries that have 'm' as the second character _m%