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EIO E-mail Addresses

Department Name Contact Person EIO Contact E-mail
Academic Scheduling Deena McBain / Roger Stinar deena.mcbain@unco.edu or roger.stinar@unco.edu
Bear Logic Jennifer Rasmuson jennifer.rasmuson@unco.edu
Campus Recreation Edie Dolben edie.dolben@unco.edu
Card Office Cindy Vetter cindy.vetter@unco.edu
Career Services Linda Morehead linda.morehead@unco.edu
CETL Berniece Mitchell berniece.mitchell@unco.edu
Collections Services
Copy Center – Library
Jeffrey Miller jeffrey.miller@unco.edu
Conference Services Deena McBain / Roger Stinar deena.mcbain@unco.edu or roger.stinar@unco.edu
Creative Services Brenda Schuch brenda.schuch@unco.edu
Dining Services John Wieser john.wieser@unco.edu
Event Planning Roger Stinar roger.stinar@unco.edu
Housing & Residence
Shelly Fisher rachelle.fisher@unco.edu
Mail Services Sandy Hawthorne / Karl Hotz / Jim Nunn mail.services@unco.edu
Marketing Brenda Schuch brenda.schuch@unco.edu
Parking Services Amanda Mitchell / Kim Gray amanda.mitchell@unco.edu or kim.gray@unco.edu
Publications Brenda Schuch brenda.schuch@unco.edu
Student Health Center Cecelia Clark cecelia.clark@unco.edu
Ticket Office Patricia Richard patricia.richard@unco.edu
Warehouse Mick Schuch / Karl Hotz / Jim Nunn warehouse.contacts@unco.edu

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