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Questions and Answers from Faculty Advising Training Sessions

Q: When can students view information regarding the syllabus?

A: Students can view at any time through the detailed schedule.

Q: Are file attachments to the syllabus allowed?

A: You can cut and paste information but you do not have the capability to add attachments.

Q: Can the calendar that displays the course date/time also include personal appointments?

A: Currently it can’t but we’re exploring the integration of calendar items.

Q: Are you restricting overrides to only be performed by Directors and Deans and not allowing faculty to override (in certain colleges only)?

A: Overrides can be done by someone other than instructors. For example, directors could be listed as co-instructors, but the primary instructor would also be able to change. Since we are not consistent across colleges, it would be impossible to implement at this time.

Q: Can a faculty member drop a student from a class if they are a “no-show?” This would open a seat for another student to add before the add/drop date.

A: No, faculty members can’t drop a student if they are a no-show. The registration process will not change from the faculty perspective.

Q: Can an instructor copy a class list into Excel?

A: Yes, using two methods:
1. In Banner Self Service, highlight the information; then copy and paste it into Excel.
2. It can also be done in INB through SFASLST as extract data with key for those with access to the INB screen.

Q: Will training be offered for adjunct faculty?

A: We will establish a regular “Welcome to Banner” training session each semester for new faculty.

Q: Can the term and course be displayed on Banner Self Service after Term and CRN are selected?

A: That’s not a current feature of self service; we will look into this feature as a future enhancement.

Q: How many instructors can be assigned?

A: The number of faculty listed is not limited.

Q: Who can do overrides other than listed faculty? What if the faculty member is off campus?

A: This could be done by co-listing another instructor. This could be also be done by someone with access to SFAREGS. (This is not limited by college, department, etc.)

Q: Can Banner be integrated with Blackboard so a faculty member can enter their office hours, midterm grades, etc., in one place and it appears in both?

A: The Banner/Blackboard integration project is still being defined; we will know more at a later time.

Q: Can Outlook and Banner be integrated so faculty can have everything on one calendar (meetings, classes, etc)?

A: Banner/Outlook integration is being studied; we will know more at a later time.

Q: A science professor teaches the lecture section of a course and a TA handles the lab; how can the professor have access to the lab roster?

A: The instructor could be listed as a co-instructor on the class with “0" FTE.

Q: How are time conflicts going to work - overrides or manually?

A: Continue the process as it works today; require signatures from both instructors, done through registrar’s office.


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