Insight News

    Several Insight views like “Registrar” and “Admissions” have been removed and replaced by a new view called “Student.”  This will assist with having most student reports located in one view.

    When you log into Insight you now have an option in a drop-down box of entering either Production or Development.  Most users running reports will use the Production choice.  Users who develop reports using the MRE environment will use Development.  All the “Test” folders with reports not released and awaiting Data Steward approval are now located under the Development option.

    A new catalog of all reports available in Insight is now ready from the University view/Insight Catalog tab. BRC001 will give you all published reports in Insight. BRC004 will allow you to search the report catalog. BRC002 and BRC003 are similar reports to look at Reporting Objects for Report Writers.