MRE Report Development


Training is now available for Insight power users who want to write their own Insight reports. Contact Krystal Dilka the Business Process Analyst /Trainer (1-2483) to arrange for training and assistance with the security form. Prerequisites for the training include knowledge of using databases with report creation software similar to Access, and knowledge of the functional area data in Banner. For more information including training materials, visit CETL's Banner Site.


The listserv below is used by people who have report-writing security access in Insight. You will be added to the appropriate listserv after attending training or you may join the listserv by sending an e-mail to Krystal Dilka if you want to participate in the listserv without training.

Things the listserv can be used for:

  • Share information with other report writers
  • Inform others when “joins” have been requested
  • Inform others when new reporting objects have been requested
  • Provide questions and answers
  • Handouts distributed from report writer meetings

Requesting Reporting objects

To request additional reporting objects to Insight views:

  1. Complete the Request for Reporting Objects Form (Word document opens in separate window). If you need assistance, complete the form using “Instructions for Request Reporting Objects Form” (Word document opens in separate window).
  2. Save your completed form somewhere on your computer so that you can easily find it.
  3. Open an Online Technical Support Ticket.
  4. Complete the ticket, attach your completed Request for Reporting Objects Form and submit the ticket.

Publishing and Changing Reports

If you write a report and wish to share it within the views and tabs of Insight with others, follow the Publishing Procedures, complete the Publishing Form and attach it to an Online Technical Support Ticket. If you wish to change a report that has been previously published, follow the Modifying Reports Procedures while you complete the Modifying Form and attach it to an Online Technical Support Ticket.

MRE News

When you log into Insight you now have an option in a drop-down box of entering either Production or Development.  Most users running reports will use the Production choice.  Users who develop reports using the MRE environment will use Development.  All the “Test” folders with reports not released and awaiting Data Steward approval are now located under the Development option.

Report writers have been categorized into three groups based on roles – Power User Group (PUG), Report Writer Group (RUG) and Developers (DEV). 

These groups may use three different environments that exist for writing reports.  Most PUGs use Managed Report Environment (MRE), most RUGs use Report Assistant (RA) and most DEVs use Developer Studio (DS). The trainer may hold ongoing trainings with these groups.

If any reports you develop might be useful for others on campus, you may share your report by submitting the procedures for Publishing. Please be sure to include what view and tab you would like it to be placed under. It will be reviewed and validated by a Data Steward before being given the official university naming convention and prefix. Be careful to validate all of your ad hoc reports that you develop. If you are unsure if your report has accurate information, you may request a Data Steward’s review before using data for decision-making or official university business.