Insight FAQs

Q: What is Insight?

A: Insight is the official UNC reporting tool in Ursa that faculty and staff can use to view an extensive menu of existing reports and create tailored reports using user-selected parameters. The reports can be used to make data-driven decisions about everything from academic planning and advising to budget analysis and financial forecasting. Reports are created from the Operation Data Store, which is an extension of the Banner environment. Some reports are created from data extracted nightly from Banner.  Other reports that are time-critical in nature access “live” or real-time data.  

Q: What report tools does Insight replace?

A: Insight replaces Eprint reports, MyUNC reports, reports previously requested through XDB, nightly batch reports and reports.

Q: Where can I find Insight?

A: Insight is accessed via the Employee tab in Ursa.

Q: What reports does Insight provide?

A: Insight accesses student information, course information, financial aid data, accounts receivable information, athletics information, budget data and more to provide numerous existing reports as well as reports utilizing user-created parameters. Reports will be accessed in either the “University View” or the “Academic View,” depending on the type of data contained in the report. Other views can be obtained with a security form authorization.

Q: Can I access all of the reports in Insight?

A: All employees will have access to many reports. Because of confidentiality requirements, other reports will require access permission, which can be obtained by submitting the Insight Security Form signed by your supervisor and the View owner. Once signatures have been obtained, the form can be submitted to the Technical Support Center.

Q: How can reports be output?

A: Information can be easily printed or output in several different formats including Excel, PDF and rich text.

Q: Can I still request a custom report from TSC?

A: A request for a custom report can be made at or via a phone or online support request to the Technical Support Center. 

Q: Will I receive training on how to use Insight and what I can use it for?

A: You may contact the Business Process Analyst / Trainer at 351-2483 or watch the training video.

Q: I already have something called a dashboard that I’ve used for will this change when Insight is released?

A: Several work units on campus had access to an early prototype of a reporting location that we called a "dashboard.” Insight will replace that dashboard, which is not the same dashboard as the Faculty Dashboard found in the Faculty tab in Ursa.

Q: Can Insight be customized for specific work units?

A: Some administrative units may have a view within Insight designated for their business processes. This portal would most likely contain confidential reports,  diagnostic reports and the ability to create custom reports. Security forms control access to these special views.

Q: What are the security issues related to data in Insight reports?

A: Because Insight allows access to a variety of confidential, private and sensitive information, you should follow established university’s policies on protecting that information. For a summary of steps you should follow to protect confidential, private and sensitive information, consult our Data Handling Best Practices. As is always the case when using Ursa, don’t forget to log out whenever you end a session.

Q: How can I tell if a report is real-time or not?

A: If the report uses real-time data, it will be noted in the footer of the report that it is real-time.  If only certain fields such as seat counts are real-time, it will be noted in the footer.  If no information is present about real time, then the report is from the previous night's extracted data.

Q: Do I have to load encryption on my computer at UNC?

A: Encryption is recommended for all computers. Encryption is especially important for laptops and flash drives because they are more likely to be compromised or stolen. Call the Technical Support Center at 970-351-4357 if you need assistance with encryption.

Q: If I use a Macintosh computer, how can I run a report as deferred status since I can’t right-click like PC users do?

A: On a Mac computer, hold down the "CNTRL" key, then click on the report name. This will do the  same as a right click-function and allow you to see the options like "Run Deferred" or "Add To Favorites."