Insight. "There is nothing so terriblle as activity without insight" - Goethe

What is Insight?

Insight is the reporting tool in Ursa that faculty and staff can use to view a menu of existing reports and create tailored reports utilizing user-selected parameters. Insight is accessed via the Employee or Faculty tab in Ursa.

The reports can be used to make data-driven decisions about everything from academic planning and advising to budget analysis and financial forecasting.

Reports are generated from data stored in Banner, the university’s single database for all its information. The reports in Insight will mostly reflect yesterday's data unless posted differently in the footer of the report.

When logging into Inisght you may choose from the drop down option either "Production" or "Development." Production reports are fully tested and approved reports by Data Stewards. Development reports are still being tested but can be used. Once they are tested and approved they will move to Production.

Be sure to report any problems with reports in Development to the TSC so it can be corrected.

Before requesting a new report, first look in Insight at the reports under the University View / Insight Catalog tab for reports called BRC001 or BRC004. These reports contain the list of all the reports that have already been written and where they exist in Insight. If the report has not been created you may request a new report by completing the Report Request Form and attaching this to the Online Technical Support Ticket. You may also select the Request a Report link from the Insight Resource tab in any view.

Reports are organized into Views and Tabs in Insight. Everyone has access to the "University View" reports because they do not contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Faculty have access to the "Academic View" reports which does contain PII data. Other views require the Form to Request Access to Insight be completed with a Data Steward approval in order to gain security access. Since other views do contain PII data be sure to review the Data Handling Best Practices document.

There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.” – Goethe