Outstanding Alumni

At UNC, you follow in the footsteps of some amazing students, then you step out into life and leave footprints of your own—on a path you choose and flourish with your skills and passion. We are proud of our alumni—including the following professionals who step out into the world to change lives and shape the world around them.

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Top 10 Countries Represented

Plane around the world
  • United States: 113,998
  • Taiwan: 152
  • Thailand: 139
  • Saudi Arabia: 57
  • Japan: 35
  • Australia: 34
  • South Korea: 32
    Canada: 19
    United Kingdom:
  • Arts and Entertainment Alumni
    • Glen Alps, printmaker, coiner of the term collagraph
    • Jack Cassinetto, plein air painter
    • Bill Frisell, jazz guitarist
    • Greg Germann, actor from Ally McBeal
    • Aisha Jackson, Broadway singer-actress
    • Neyla Pekarek, musician, member of grammy-nominated The Lumineers
    • Hannah Porter, Miss Colorado 2012
    • Tyler Ward, musician and producer
    • Ed Werder, reporter for ESPN
    • Jim Urbina, golf architect
  • Author Alumni
    • Steven Dietz, playwright
    • James A. Michener, author
    • Neal Rubin, The Detroit News columnist and author of comic strip
    • Gil Thorp
    • Connie Willis, Multiple Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction author, Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductee; 28th Science Fiction Writers of America Grand
  • Business Alumni
    • James P. Kelley, money manager
    • Dick Monfort, co-owner, Colorado Rockies baseball team
    • Adam Wilson, co-founder and chief software architect of Sphero, Inc.
  • Civil Rights Alumni
    • Carlotta Walls LaNier, member of the Little Rock Nine
  • Education Alumni
    • Violeta Garcia, PhD, STEM Coordinator for the Colorado Department of Education
    • Jose Martinez III, 2013 Milken Educator Award
    • Tamara Pennington, Outstanding Biology Teacher of 2014 in Colorado
    • Mark Wood, dean of Denver Academy
  • Health Care and Nutrition Alumni
    • Cyntjia L. Judy, Commander of Connecticut’s Naval Branch Health Clinic Groton, and Lead Nurse for the Space Shuttle Support Team
    • Steve Antonopulos, head trainer, Denver Broncos
    • Bryan Snyder, Denver Broncos Team Nutrition Manager
    • Rachel Rose Jackson, co-founder Kayayei Association, a nonprofit that offers health care, education and vocational training to women and children in Ghana.
  • History Alumni
    • Abraham Denmark, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia
    • Owen Volzke, Gilder Lehrman History Scholar
  • Military Alumni
    • Carol Mutter, Marine Corps Lieutenant General
    • David N. Senty, Air Force Major General
    • Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, Captain of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 that successfully landed in the Hudson River in 2009; has a M.A. in Public Administration from UNC
  • Politics Alumni
    • Bob Bacon, former Colorado State Senator
    • Alton Dillard, Senior Public Information Officer, Denver Elections Division
    • Rhonda Fields, member of Colorado State House of Representatives
    • Bill Kenney, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri state senator
    • Maryanne Kusaka, politician
    • Lisa Poppaw, Fort Collins city council member
    • Jeannie Ritter, former Colorado First Lady
    • Tom Tancredo, R-CO, member of United States House of Representatives and presidential candidate.
    • Tom Walsh, R-WY, mayor of Casper and member of the Wyoming House of Representatives (2003–2008); received Ed.D. through UNC
    • Wellington Webb, former mayor of Denver
    • Kenneth W. Winters, member of the Kentucky State Senate
  • Science and Engineering Alumni
    • Mary G. Ross, first Native American female engineer
  • Sports Alumni
    • Gregg Brandon, college football coach of the Wyoming Cowboys
    • Reed Doughty, football safety for the Washington Redskins
    • Ben Dreith, AFL and NFL referee
    • Joe B. Hall, former men’s basketball coach, University of Kentucky
    • Vincent Jackson, football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Virgil Jester, baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves
    • Dirk Johnson, NFL punter
    • Dave Keller, baseball minor league player and coach
    • Bill Kenney, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs
    • Mike Madden, former baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros
    • Don Meyer, winningest men's college basketball coach
    • Jed Roberts, CFL football player
    • Aaron Smith, football defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Dave Stalls, football defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Raiders and Denver Gold
    • Frank Wainright, former football tight end for the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens