"What If" Degree Evaluation

Students have an excellent resource available through URSA to help them explore how moving into a major or changing a major will affect them. The Degree Evaluation feature on URSA shows you where your credits fit into your current major.

There is a "What If" feature that will allow you to select another major you may be interested in and see where your credits would fit into that degree if you decided to change your major.

The "What If" feature also allows you to see the requirements necessary if you are considering a double Major or adding/changing your Minor.

Here are the steps for students to access the Degree Evaluation and What If feature on URSA:

  • Log on to URSA
  • Click on the "student" tab
  • On the Student Tab page, look under the box labeled "Graduation", click on the link for Degree Evaluation
  • Once the Degree Evaluation has loaded, click on the "What If Analysis" at the bottom of the page
  • Fill out the required fields that are requested in the drop down boxes that appear next
  • When you enter information into the drop down boxes, you will need to click on the "add more" button to keep going to the next step

The Degree Evaluation provides you with great amounts of information. To help understand all of the information that is provided, there is a Help Sheet available online. It is also recommended that you schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor to review your Degree Evaluation and What If analysis.

Degree Evaluation Help Sheet