Program Description

“It has shifted my perspective in a way that is enlightening and challenging, and has motivated me to more wholly embrace my unique identity as a woman, and as a citizen of the world.”
—Amanda, Nonprofit Administration and English ’07

Mission Statement

The purpose of the UNC Women’s Studies Program is to enable participants—as students and lifelong learners—to investigate gender issues through interdisciplinary approaches. By studying historical and contemporary constructions of gender, students discover the ways in which race, class, sexual identity, age, and ability impact the roles humans create and play and how these roles impact our personal, political, and social lives. The Program enables students and faculty to become well-educated citizens who will understand the complexities of identity in the ever-changing context of their societies.


Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program that connects with many disciplines across the University. As a result, students typically find their research, communication, analytical, theoretical, and practical skills developed in other courses thrive in Women’s Studies courses. Further, Women’s Studies offers students the opportunities both to refine and learn new skills. The Program encourages students to transfer their personal experiences into a larger, often theoretical understanding of how their individual lives fit into the social framework of their local and global communities.

A Women’s Studies minor complements a variety of majors. Here are a sampling of the programs that have majors or that recently have had majors who have selected Women’s Studies as a minor:

  • Psychology
  • Business
  • English
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Music Education
  • Nonprofit Administration

Course Requirements for the Minor

Students must complete 18 credit hours for the Women’s Studies minor. Please consult the description of the minor in the UNC Catalog for the most recent information about the requirements. Please consult with the Women’s Studies Coordinator if you have questions about substitutions.

Contact Information:


Chris Talbot
Candelaria 0140D
(970) 351-1260

Core Faculty:

Barbara Hawthorne
Candelaria 0083
(970) 351-2153

Harmony Newman
Candelaria 2281
(970) 351-2271