Faculty and Staff

Core Women's Studies Faculty


  • Anna Williams, Administrative Assistant

Faculty Teaching Cross-listed Courses and Occasional Core Courses

  • Genie Canales, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Department of Hispanic Studies
  • Rhonda Corman, Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics
  • Priscilla Faulkner, Lecturer in Nursing, School of Nursing
  • Joonok Huh, Professor of English, Department of English
  • George Junne, Professor of Africana Studies, Africana Studies Program
  • Karen M. Jennison, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology
  • Lynn Klyde-Silverstein, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications, School of Communication
  • Melissa Malde, Professor of Music, School of Music
  • Sally McBeth, Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology
  • Christiane Olivo, Lecturer in Political Science, Department of Political Science and International Affairs
  • Lorie Sauble-Otto, Assistant Professor of French, Department of Modern Languages
  • Diane L. Schott, Lecturer in Sociology, Department of Sociology
  • Tracey Sedinger, Professor of English, Department of English
  • Basilia (Lia) Softas-Nall, Professor of Counseling Psychology, School of Professional Psychology
  • Nicholas L. Syrett, Assistant Professor of History, Department of History
  • Sharon Wilson, Professor of English and Women’s Studies, Department of English

Contact Information:


Chris Talbot
Candelaria 0140D
(970) 351-2629

Faculty Core:

Barbara Hawthorne
Candelaria 0083
(970) 351-2153

Harmony Newman
Candelaria 2281
(970) 351-2271

Administrative Staff:

Anna Williams
Candelaria 0190
(970) 351-2221