Keynote Speaker

rmca 2014


#Rhetoric: 2380 Years of Going With The Tech Flow

"In show biz a long resume is usually met with, 'Yeah, but what have you done lately?'  My first students have been on Medicare for five years and my resume sounds like an obituary.  I have the usual pile of degrees, half a century of experience in and out of higher education, a few opinions, but an open - as opposed to empty or rigid - mind, prepared for radical shifts in the culture.  I also have a keen appreciation for the historical confluence of technology and the rhetorical arts from the ancient Greeks to this moment and I anxiously look forward to the new-new thing.   What have I been doing lately?   My wife and I have a Mom and Pop media company webcasting continuing legal education programs to lawyers' desktops throughout the country, using the theatre as a teaching tool.    Technological advances have made it possible for a handful of people to create fully realized feature 'films' and webcasts and we'll be sharing it all with you in Loveland."  

- Graham Thatcher