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RMCA Conference 2017

31st Anniversary  (click here for a copy of the 2017 program!)


2017 Theme: Messages of Healing: Hope Across Genres

Conference Date - Saturday, April 8, 2017
Conference Location - University of Colorado, Denver  (Auraria Campus)

Keynote Speaker -   Dr. Carl R. Burgchardt, Colorado State University

Pre-Registration Deadline - Friday, March 31st


Greetings RMCA Community Members:

It is my pleasure to announce the Rocky Mountain Communication Association’s (RMCA’s) 2017 Conference, entitled Messages of Healing: Hope Across Genres to be held on Saturday, April 8th at the University of Colorado, Denver at the Auraria campus in downtown Denver, Colorado.

We invite paper submissions from all schools throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and greater Colorado area. Throughout our history, we have endeavored to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty from community colleges and universities alike. We welcome diverse perspectives that characterize our region, its history, and its rich array of educational institutions and missions.  

RMCA 2017 Conference Theme: Messages of Healing: Hope Across Genres

 In our discipline, we have long argued that our work should matter and does matter in how we make our world. Communication has the potential to improve or impair relationships. At its worst, it can build walls, incite violence, and tear apart relationships. Alternatively, thoughtful communication mends and warms us, educates the public, and advances political discourse.

Our conference theme, Messages of Healing: Hope Across Genres, should be interpreted broadly, since efforts to mend and advance society require a vast array of skills. Paper and panel proposals are encouraged to provide insightful analyses, reveal the unheard stories and voices that foster understanding, explore innovative solutions, and illuminate the resources that work for change. This year’s conference aims to cultivate and showcase our endeavors.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carl R. Burgchardt

We are honored to have the esteemed Dr. Carl R. Burgchardt as our Keynote Speaker. He will speak to us about the role of rhetoric in our contemporary world and the evolution of RMCA, highlighting our discipline’s present strengths and relevance to the future.  Read more about Dr. Burgchardt.

Special Topics Panel on Pedagogy and Communication

In addition to sharing scholarship, RMCA is hosting a pedagogy-focused panel titled “Restorative Communication in the Classroom.” Some of our most impactful work takes place in our classrooms. When students enter these spaces, we help them process and unpack the tensions created by the presidential election, police brutality, international unrest, public and private misogyny, mass shootings, and the slew of conflicts that occur every day in our personal lives and around the world. This panel gives us a forum to share our best practices for working through a variety of “tough” subjects and make way for a more promising future.

Paper and Panel Submissions

Messages of Healing: Hope Across Genres is a wide-ranging conference theme. Papers may explore this theme from numerous intellectual and methodological perspectives. And, of course, submissions outside this theme are welcome as well and will be given full consideration. Please consider the following guidelines when making your submission.

 Thank you for your interest in this year’s RMCA conference. We look forward to seeing you in Denver, Colorado!


Emily Stones

Regis University, RMCA President-elect and Program Planner