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2016 Conference will be held saturday, april 9th, at THe UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO, GREELEY

Theme: Communicating in Controversial Contexts: Social Scientific and Rhetorical In(ter)ventions



Greetings RMCA Community Members:

It is my pleasure to announce the Rocky Mountain Communication Association’s (RMCA’s) 2016 Conference, entitled Communicating in Controversial Contexts: Social Science and Rhetorical In(ter)ventions to be held on Saturday, April 9th at the University of Northern Colorado’s beautiful campus in Greeley, Colorado.

This year’s conference commemorates RMCA’s 30th Anniversary and its tradition of inviting both new and veteran teachers and scholars from across Colorado to converse about the central role that rhetoric (communication, media studies, etc.) plays in educating and advancing public discourse—as a social science, humanity, and practical art.

Now more than ever (with the coming election year), we face many pressing political, social, and cultural issues that cry out for critical perspective and analysis.  These issues include our current economy, immigration, the Ferguson incident, gay marriage, educational reform, emerging technologies, and many others.

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Carl R. Burgchardt, Colorado State University

It is fitting (and we are honored) that this year we should have Dr. Carl R. Burgchardt as our Keynote Speaker.  Dr. Burgchardt is one of RMCA’s first committee members and historians.  He teaches rhetorical criticism, critical methodology, history and criticism of United States oratory, and film criticism at Colorado State University.  He received his bachelor’s degree from Penn State, and his master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He has published essays and book reviews in the Quarterly Journal of Speech.  His book, Robert M. La Follete, Sr.:  The Voice of Conscience, won the Outstanding Scholarship Award from the Colorado Speech Association.  And his edited collection of essays on rhetorical criticism, Readings in Rhetorical Criticism, is largely considered a standard in the field.

We look forward to hearing his reflections on RMCA’s history and the history of communication generally! Follow the link above for more information, and for an in-depth INTERVIEW with our honored guest.


UNC Gunter Hall


Submission procedures

We (RMCA) invite paper submission from all schools throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and greater Colorado area.   Throughout our history (that is, from the time we first called ourselves “The Colorado Speech Association”), we have endeavored to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty from community colleges and universities alike.   We welcome diverse perspectives that characterize our region, its history, and its rich array of educational institutions and missions.

We invite you to share your scholarship and ask that you encourage your students to do the same by submitting papers or organizing panels.  As always, we welcome creative panels that expand upon discussions and themes that emerge from undergraduate and graduate class projects.

“Communicating in Controversial Contexts” is a wide-ranging conference theme.  Papers may explore this theme from numerous intellectual and methodological perspectives.  And, of course, submissions outside this theme are welcome as well and will be given full consideration. 

Please see submission requirements at the conclusion of announcements below.

Group Meeting Room

Award Nominations

Each year, RMCA presents a variety of awards at its annual luncheon (selected by the RMCA Leadership Council), including certificates for

  • Outstanding Four-Year Student Paper (undergraduate),
  • Outstanding Two-Year Student Paper (undergraduate), and
  • Outstanding Graduate Paper

In addition, please nominate,

  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant

                (Given to an undergraduate or graduate who has demonstrated excellence
                inside and outside the classroom.)

  • Award for Communication Excellence (A.C.E.)

                (Given to an individual in recognition of distinguished contributions the
                Communication discipline.)

  • RMCA Lifetime Achievement Award

                (Given only on rare occasions to a truly deserving and outstanding
                representative of our discipline.)

You may submit your nominations for any or all of these awards to me (Robert Affeldt) through the RMCA website (submission link at bottom of this page) or via my email

Please include the nominee’s name, affiliation, the award nomination category, and a maximum one-page description of why you feel he or she is deserving.


Volunteering as a Paper Reader

If you would like to volunteer to read papers submissions (or for any other RMCA role), please email me (at raffeldt@adams.edu).  Your input and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in this year’s RMCA conference!  We look forward to seeing you in Greeley, Colorado.


Robert Affeldt
Adams State University
RMCA President-elect and Program Planner


Group Meeting Room

Submission Requirements

All submissions must be received by Friday, February 19, 2016.

Authors of accepted papers and panels will be expected to register for the conference by the pre-registration deadline of Friday, March 25, 2016.

Individual Paper Submissions

Completed individual papers may be submitted electronically below in MS Word or Adobe PDF format.  Please remove all references to the author from the text and include the following in the cover letter/biography:.

-Name and affiliation of author or authors
-Title of paper
-120 word (max) abstract
-Indicate which if any of the authors are graduate, 4-year undergraduate, or 2-year undergraduate students.

Panel or Performance Proposals

Submit the following using the link below.

-Proposed title of panel or Performance
- Names and Affiliations of participants
- 120 word (max) abstract for the entire presentation
- 120 word (max) abstract for each paper (if applicable)

In addition, for both panels and papers, please include any AV equipment requirements or special room considerations.  Please understand, however, that while we will make every effort to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be met.  Please limit request to those that are absolutely necessary for your presentation.

Send submissions via: