Financial Aid Scholarship

Scholarships are normally awarded on merit or talent and do ot have to be paid back. UNC offers a variety of scholarships and our scholarship application process is fast and easy. We'll use the information you provide on your admissions application and on your high school or college transcripts to determine your eligibility for some of our scholarships. If you want to apply for scholarships offered through the UNC Foundation, the UNC Universal Scholarship Application is available online in Ursa. The application is usually available in December or January for the upcoming academic year. If you are interested in talent scholarships please contact the appropriate department on the UNC Campus. You can reach the Visual Arts office at (970) 351-2143 or the Theater office at (970) 351-2930 or the Music Office at (970) 351-2679. In order to be eligible for an athletic scholarship you must be a member of a UNC varsity team.

The UNC Foundation

The University of Northern Colorado Foundation was created in 1966 to promote the general welfare, development and growth of the University of Northern Colorado. A major emphasis is to fund scholarships to assist UNC students of demonstrated superior academic merit and/or talent. Thus, the Foundation welcomes gifts from alumni, parents, corporations, service organizations and other friends of the University to support and establish scholarships for these students. Each year more UNC alumni and friends are finding that memorial and living tribute gifts made through the Foundation are meaningful and lasting ways to honor loved ones. A gift of $25,000 or more will establish a permanent, named scholarship endowment. You may also support an annual scholarship as a means of honoring someone who has played an important role in your life.

For more information on establishing an endowment, please write to:
University of Northern Colorado Foundation
Judy Farr Center
Campus Box 20
Greeley, CO 80639
Phone: (970) 351-2034

Scholarship Application Checklist

  • Apply for admission to UNC.
  • Incoming freshman students are encouraged to apply for admission by February 1 to receive maximum consideration.
  • Incoming transfer students are encouraged to apply for admission by May 15 to receive maximum consideration.
  • Complete and submit the UNC Universal Scholarship Application each year.
  • Priority Deadlines:
    • New Freshman & continuing Undergraduates - March 1.
    • New Transfer students - June 1.
    • Graduate students - June 1.

Scholarship Policies

  • Funds must be received from external sources, including the UNC Foundation, in order to be applied to a student's University account.
  • Checks should be received in the Office of Financial Aid by August 1 for Fall semester and by January 1 for Spring semester and should be made payable to the University of Northern Colorado for the benefit of the student.
  • Scholarships offered by UNC departments are posted by the financial aid office upon receipt of payment information and are charged directly to the specified departmental account when payment is applied to the student's University account.
  • Approved third party scholarships (only specific federal and state agencies, foreign embassies & sponsors, vocational rehabilitation departments) are posted by the financial aid office upon receipt of payment information/authorization from the UNC Accounting Office and are applied to the student's University account. Agencies are then billed by the UNC Accounting Office.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time (12 hours for undergraduate, 9 hours for graduate students) for disbursement of funds unless notified in writing by the donor that funds may be released to students enrolled less than full-time.
  • All scholarship checks for $250 and over received in the UNC Office of Financial Aid will be scheduled to pay in two equal disbursements (one for Fall and one for Spring semester) unless we are instructed in writing by the donor that funds are to be paid on a different schedule.
  • Undisbursed funds are returned to the donor or UNC Foundation when students are not enrolled or transfer to another school.
  • Students may be required to sign an acceptance form and write a thank you letter before funds are disbursed.
  • All funds awarded to students as scholarships, grants, awards, stipends, and student loans are paid through the Office of Financial Aid. All funds paid to students in exchange for work performed at the University are paid through the Payroll Office.
  • Payments to students from UNC Foundation funds are not allowed to be converted to gift cards or gift certificates.

UNC Non-Discrimination Policy

The University of Northern Colorado, as an institution, does not discriminate in employment, admission, or in the provision of services or access to facilities on the bases of race, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, military service, or political affiliation. The designated official for University compliance is the Director of Human Resources, Carter Hall, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO 80639.