NHS Student Research Fund Recipients

The College of Natural and Health Sciences (NHS) launched in spring 2006 a new UNC Foundation account entitled the NHS Student Research Fund, which is intended to support research and research-related travel by NHS students. The fund has been supported through generous donations by faculty, staff, and friends of the College, as well as proceeds generated by the NHS Student Research Celebration. This new Foundation account is still in the building stages; however, the College designated some funds in order to allow a funding competition in the current academic year. To make a donation to the Student Research Fund, please visit the UNC Foundation website at http://www.uncalumni.org/Foundation/.

The recipients of the NHS Student Research Fund for spring 2008 are:

School of Biological Sciences

Emily Snode, graduate student ($400)

School of Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics

Peter Holton, undergraduate student in Chemistry ($250)

Tyler Takeshita, undergraduate student in Chemistry ($250)

School of Human Sciences

Rachel Flint, graduate student in Audiology and Speech Language Sciences ($400)

Terri Link, graduate student in Public Health ($400)

School of Mathematical Sciences

Bernadette Mendoza-Spencer, graduate student ($400)

School of Sport and Exercise Science

Traci Parry, graduate student ($200)

Chris Repka, graduate student ($200)