NHS Student Research Celebration

The College of Natural and Health Sciences’ (NHS’) Student Research Celebration honors noteworthy research by NHS undergraduate and graduate students as well as exemplary research mentoring by NHS Faculty. Fundraising associated with the event benefits the NHS Student Research Fund.

The fifth annual event took place on April 8, 2010 in conjunction with the University’s Student Poster PresentationsResearch Day and Academic Excellence Week. The banquet was attended by roughly 145 individuals from the University and community, and a larger number of individuals participated in the student poster session. The evening began with student poster presentations by 22 NHS undergraduate and graduate students. These top scholars were selected by their programs and Schools for this special recognition. The poster presentations were followed by a banquet to honor the value of student research. Dr. Denise Battles, Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences, opened the banquet. She then introduced Abe Harraf, Provost of the University, who extended a welcome and spoke about the benefits of research and the opportunities that UNC offers in advancing student research.

BanquetThe evening included speeches from two student speaker honorees: Jessica Gage, an undergraduate student in Physics, and Joe Champion, a doctoral student in Mathematics Education. Both students spoke about their research and the personal and societal benefits of their research.

The event was concluded by honoring the two Faculty Research Mentors of the Year. Dr. Rick Adams, Professor of Biological Sciences, was recognized as the Faculty Mentor of the Year for Graduate Research, while Dr. Alena Clark, Assistant Professor of Dietetics, was honored as the Faculty Mentor of the Year for Undergraduate Research. Dr. Clark concluded the event by speaking about the importance of faculty mentoring.

This year's Student Research Celebration was attended by several members of Greeley Centennial Rotary and the NHS Advisory Board. Greeley Centennial Rotary sponsors the event, and the College appreciates its generous support. Physics

NHS would like to extend congratulations to all of the poster presenters, student speakers, and faculty mentor nominees and honorees.

Please view the program from the 2010 Student Research Celebration for a complete list of nominees and honorees.


Poster Presenters
Fifth Annual Student Research Celebration Poster Presenters
NHS Student Ambassadors meet and greet guests during the poster presentations
Greg Klug
Greg Klug, a graduate student in PVA, plays music by Alexander Borodin who was a Russian composer and successful chemist
Daniel Beverly
Daniel Beverly presents his research on bark beetles
Biology faculty member Robert Reinsvold talks to Ed Matthews about his research
Joe Champion
Joe Champion talks about his research on self-efficacy
Sage Andorka
Physics major Sage Andorka and her teammates present research on their project
Megan Ehrlich
Megan Ehrlich discusses the nutritional quality of children's menus at family restaurants
Rachelle Hanson
Biology student Rachelle Hanson conducted research on fire dynamics in China
Rotary members Danielle and Doug Lidiak learn about organic chemistry from Jodie Wasacz
Brock Jensen
SES graduate student Brock Jensen explains his research on exercise
Kristin King and Coralle Haley
Kristin King and Coralle Haley compare mentoring and student achievement
Thea LaBere
Thea LaBere presents her research on occupational noise exposure in the tree service industry
Earth Sciences and Physics faculty
NHS Faculty Courtney Willis and Bill Hoyt enjoy the poster presentations with NHS Advisory Board member Ray Tschillard
Robbyn Wacker, Dean of the Graduate School, listens as Kristin Noblet and Sarah Rozer explain their research on pre-service teachers
Geneva Laurita
Chemistry major Geneva Laurita discusses her research on chemical electricity
Lori Lovato
Lori Lovato presents her research on writing in the mathematics classroom
Ed Matthews
Ed Matthews, a Biology student, shares his research
Lauren Meiszala
Lauren Mieszala discusses the optimal conditions for survival and sprouting of dopamine neurons
Kristin Noblet and Sarah Rozner
Kristin Noblet and Sarah Rozner discuss their research on pre-service teachers
Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson talks about his cancer research
NHS Student Ambassador Laurenda Weber chats with Wes Sargent, Vito LaBarbara and Nick Lobejko during the poster presentations
Chris Repka
Chris Repka illustrates his research on cancer-specific treadmill protocol
Crystal Southall
Crystal Southall talks about the impact of atmosphere behavior on sport consumer behavior
Human Sciences
Ellen Gregg and Ashley Walker chat with audiology student Thea LaBere
SES graduate student Brent Peterson explains his research to Mike Johnson
Emily Wakefield
Emily Wakefield presents her research on occupational hearing conversations
Jodie Wasacz
Jodie Wasacz discusses her organic chemistry research
Sarah Worley
Sarah Worley conducted research on mouse stem cell development
Bradley Wright
Bradley Wright illustrates his research on mandatory boat inspections on recreational boating
Dean Battles
Dean Denise Battles welcomes banquet attendees
Provost Harraf
UNC Provost Abe Harraf shares his views on the benefits of student research
Greeley Centennial Rotary members enjoy the banquet
Jessica Gage
Physics major Jessica Gage speaks about the personal and societal benefits of her research
Joe Champion
Mathematics Education graduate student Joe Champion entertains the crowd with information about his research
Alena Clark
Alena Clark, Assistant Professor in Dietetics, speaks about the importance of faculty mentoring
Almost 145 individuals from the University and community attended the banquet
Rick Adams and Dean Battles
Dean Battles presents Rick Adams with his award for Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year
Dean Battles presents Alena Clark with her award for Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year
Award recipients and speakers
(back row, l-r) Provost Abe Harraf, Rick Adams and Joe Champion
(front row, l-r) Alena Clark, Dean Denise Battles and Jessica Gage

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