NHS College Student Council


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The College of Natural and Health Sciences Student Council (NHS-SC) currently consists of twelve members.  Membership is open to one representative from each of the six Schools and one Department in NHS (Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Earth Sciences & Physics, Human Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Nursing, and Sport and Exercise Science), one representative from each chartered NHS student club, and the Dean’s Office representative (Advisor).

Student Participation Opportunities

NHS Student Council Members

L-R back row: Aaron Adamson, Matt Langford, Ben Lee, Derek Starkenberg

L-R front row: Taylor Prewitt, Jordyn Grote, Kelsey Siran, Danielle O'Neil, Brittney Compton, Melissa Fredericks

Not pictured: Kayla McNamara, Jordan Naffziger and Ethan Twisdale

2010-11 Student Council Members

Ben Lee, President
Brittney Compton, Vice President
Derek Starkenburg, Treasurer
Jordyn Grote, Secretary
Dr. Ann Bentz, Advisor
Aaron Adamson
Melissa Fredericks
Matt Langford
Kayla McNamara
Jordan Naffziger
Danielle O'Neil
Taylor Prewitt
Kelsey Siran
Ethan Twisdale


The purpose of NHS-SC:

  • Communication - To provide a communication liaison between the student body, NHS faculty, and NHS administration. NHS-SC will strive to first and foremost develop student voice within NHS and to foster greater communication amongst the students of NHS as well as the university community.
  • Representation - To appear on behalf of and speak for the students of the College of Natural and Health Sciences on all appropriate matters concerning said students.
  • NHS Events - To aid in the organization of NHS events and activities and facilitate joint club participation. This may include, but not be limited to, guest speakers, College-level picnics or awards.
  • Placement Activities - To promote NHS student placement activities. This may include, but not be limited to, seminars, lecturers, and utilization of placement bulletin boards.
  • Student Organization Events - To encourage and support approved NHS student activities. Special emphasis should be given to supporting activities of NHS’s student clubs and activities designed to facilitate placement of NHS graduates.
  • Student Organization Recognition - To foster the recognition of NHS student clubs.


  • A minimum of three (3) NHS-SC meetings will be held per academic semester (Fall, Spring). NHS-SC will not meet during the summer term or during closed school university periods.

Constitution and Bylaws: Click here to view the NHS-SC Constitution and Bylaws.

Contact: For more information contact Dr. Ann Bentz at (970) 351-1519 or ann.bentz@unco.edu.

Click here to view past council members.