Natalie D’Adamio, a senior majoring in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis of Statistics, chose UNC for the mathematics program and esthetic of the campus.  “I essentially could see myself grow as a person at UNC”.

During her time at UNC, Natalie has been a lab consultant in various computer labs across campus and played on the Division I Women’s Soccer Team.  Being a student-athlete kept Natalie very busy balancing soccer practice, traveling and games with schoolwork.  Natalie enjoys her statistics coursework along with other math and computer sciences courses that are not in her emphasis because they help her to become a well-rounded student.  “UNC is a great school, which offers amazing opportunities that allow you to grow, succeed and achieve your goals.  I think one professor in particular helped me succeed. Dr. Heiny is an amazing professor that was always willing to help me or to answer any questions I had, which allowed me to better understand the material.”  Natalie credits her student-athlete experience for teaching her good study habits and time management skills, which she says, will benefit her throughout life.

After graduation from UNC, Natalie plans to continue her education at UNC in the Applied Statistics and Research Methods graduate program.