Fia Lotsu is an undergraduate student majoring in Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences (ASLS).  Fia earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2007 from Western Washington University.  She decided to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in ASLS so she could incorporate her love for music with her interest in the auditory system.  When asked why she chose UNC for her undergraduate and eventually graduate programs, Fia responded, “I visited the UNC campus and fell in love with it, and since I’ve started taking classes in the ASLS program, it’s just confirmed that UNC and the Audiology program are where I’m supposed to be at this point in my life.”

Fia is a non-traditional student who commutes to campus from Fort Collins.  Her biggest challenge in attending UNC has been juggling school, a job, and home life.  Fia is thankful for the support of other non-traditional students and the faculty in the ASLS program who understand the challenges that come with going back to school later in life.  “The professors in ASLS have been excellent and every one of the professors that I’ve had at UNC has made it clear that they care if their students succeed.” 

During her time at UNC, Fia has been involved with the UNC Student Academy of Audiology Club where she was able work alongside ASLS faculty to build mannequins that help educate children and adults about the dangers of having the volume on their MP3 and iPod players set too loud.

Upon graduation in May 2015, Fia plans to attend graduate school to pursue a doctoral degree in Audiology.  “UNC has an excellent graduate program and hopefully I’ll be admitted and be able to continue with my studies here.”