Alexandra Garcia is a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) student in the School of Nursing of the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). This degree is a practiced focused nursing degree preparing graduates with the ability and knowledge to bring evidence-based medicine to the bedside. She decided to attend UNC after researching various DNP’s programs and having a gut feeling that that one was for her. As a nurse she has learned to always listen to those feelings. This inside voice, instinct, has not let her down.

The experience at UNC has been exceptional. The faculty and classmates have been an influential part in her development as a DNP. The School of Nursing at UNC has helped her advance in her clinical practice, and academic teachings through their insightful guidance and instruction. At this moment, she is planning on focusing her Capstone Project on the development of an anal cancer screening protocol for patients who have a promiscuous sexual life style.

As a doctorate student she has found many challenges on dividing time with school, work and family. Nevertheless, she has been able to do so efficiently. In addition to being a doctorate student she is also an Instructor, Clinical Coordinator and Preceptor for the Master’s Degree Program at Universidad del Turabo (UT).  Once she completes her degree at UNC, Alexandra plans on continuing in her role at UT as a professor and a preceptor for her students in HIV and STD clinical settings.