Special message for UNC personnel seeking streamed

software via a concurrent licensing model:

IM&T now offers several software packages for Macintosh and Windows PCs through a concurrent licensing model.  Windows applications are streamed across the network (rather than locally installed) using Microsoft's Application Virtualization technology.  To get access to a particular software package from a Windows computer a technician will need to add you to the appropriate security group and install the App-V client on your computer.  For a Macintosh, a technician will need to install the application onto your computer along with a license management software component. 

Adobe products such as Acrobat Professional and Dreamweaver are available for Windows and Mac; several other software packages (such as PASW and R-25) are available to Windows users.  For questions about products that are available or to get access to these programs please open a ticket through the Technical Support Center by calling 351-HELP or by submitting an on-line request form at http://help.unco.edu.