Math 182: Fundamentals of Mathematics II: Algebra, Probablity, and Data Analysis

In Class Assignments

Mathematical Expressions, Formulas, and Equations (part 13A, 13B, and 13C) 1/13/10 pdf
Mathematical Expressions, Formulas, and Equations (part 13D, 13E, and 13F) 1/15/10 pdf
Solving Equations Using Number Sense, Strip Diagrams, and Algebra (part 13K, 13M, and 13O) 1/25/10 in activities book
Sequences (part 13P, 13Q, and 13R) 1/27/10 in activities book
Sequences (part 13S and 13V) 1/29/10 in activities book
Series (part 13W and 13X) 2/1/10 in activities book
Function Basics Handout 2/5/10 pdf
Functions (13CC and 13DD) 2/10/10 in activities book
Functions Worksheet 2/12/10 pdf
M & M's Activity 2/19/10 pdf
Probability Rules Activity 2/22/10 pdf
Theoretical Probability Powerpoint 3/1/10 pdf
Independent and Dependent Probability Handout 3/3/10 pdf
Combinations and Permutations 3/5/10 pdf
Conditional Probability 3/12/10 pdf
Formulating Questions, Designing Investigations, and Gathering Data (14A, 14B, and 14C) 3/22/10 in activities book
Pedagogical Content Knowledge Task 3/24/10 pdf
The Center of Data: Mean, Median, and Mode (14M and 14N) 4/7/10 in activities book