Laboratory Dedication in Ross Hall

Bruce Hach of the Hach Scientific Foundation Honored

Bruce Hach, Executive Committee Chair for the Hach Scientific Foundation, was honored for his steadfast support of science education at Northern Colorado in a Ross Hall laboratory dedication on October 20.

The laboratory, dedicated as the Hach Scientific Foundation Analytical and Biochemistry Laboratory, houses an impressive new research and teaching tool, a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR). The NMR, a gift made possible by the generosity of the Hach Scientific Foundation and the office of the Provost at Northern Colorado, has the ability to determine molecular structures of inorganic, organic and biochemical compounds. The Spectrometer will benefit students studying in many UNC programs, including Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Sport & Exercise Science, and secondary science education.

Thank you to the Hach Scientific Foundation for your support of Science Education.