Co-Curricular Transcript

What is a co-curricular transcript?
A co-curricular transcript (CCT) is a method for students to formally document non-credit and non-paid participation and achievements that take place outside a classroom setting. The CCT complements the academic transcript and increases student marketability.

Which activities qualify?

  • Organizations and Activities: Membership in any of UNC’s more than 150 student clubs and organizations
  • Leadership Development: Involvement in workshops, training or development programs, or placement in a leadership role
  • Honors, Awards and Recognitions: Formal recognition given to a student individually or as part of a group
  • Research and Experiential Learning: Participation in research, internships, community service, civic engagement or volunteer programs.
  • Global and International Experiences: Taking part in international programs or activities that include a global or international experience

How do students get started?
Documenting all co-curricular activities is simple. Membership rosters from many of UNC’s clubs and organizations will be uploaded directly to the transcript. Any leadership positions students hold in those groups will also be included. Students who have received any honors, awards and recognitions or participated in experiential learning, leadership development or a club or organization not listed may submit a request for the activity to be added to the transcript. Completing the request and submitting the correct documentation is the student's responsibility and he/she will need the appropriate staff or faculty member to validate their involvement in the activity.

Submission Forms:

How do students get a copy of their co-curricular transcript?
Request for copies of co-curricular transcripts are handled in a similar way as requests for academic transcripts. Students can view and print unofficial co-curricular transcript online via the “Check your co-curricular activities here!” link in the Important Links section of URSA. An official version will be available soon.

For more information about the Co-Curricular Transcript please contact UNC Student Activities Office at (970) 351-2871.