Faculty and Staff

Audiology Faculty

Speech-Language Pathology Faculty

  • Susan Eastin, MA, Clinic Supervisor
  • Kathy Fahey, PhD, Professor Emerita
  • Tina Farrell, MA, Clinic Supervisor
  • Don Finan, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Ellen Meyer Gregg, PhD, Professor & Dean of College of Natural & Health Sciences
  • Carol Haworth, MA, Lecturer
  • Jody Heatherly, MA, Lecturer
  • Julie Hanks, EdD, Associate Professor & Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Lynne Jackowiak, MS, Lecturer & Clinic Coordinator
  • Kim Murza, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Amy Reher, MA, Lecturer
  • Nicole Reisfeld, MS, Clinic Supervisor
  • LeAnn Sipple, MS, Clinic Supervisor
  • Theresa Snelling, MA, Lecturer
  • Patty Walton, MS, Lecturer & Clinic Supervisor
  • Robyn Ziolkowski, PhD, Assistant Professor

Administrative Staff

Affiliate Faculty