The NAIL program is a two-year Distance Education Program. Coursework will lead to either a Master of Arts degree or Ed.S. with dual licensure as a Special Education Director and Principal. The program is a collaborative effort of faculty and staff from the departments of special education, educational leadership and UNC’s Native American Student Services (NASS), run through the support of the UNC Office of Extended Studies.

Students are admitted each semester, including summers. Participants will complete two classes and two credit hours of internship each fall and spring semester, and two to three classes in summer terms.

Program staff will work with all students to make sure that they meet the requirements for principal licensure and special education director in the state in which they reside. To meet additional internship requirements above the Colorado requirements, students will be able to enroll in additional internship hours. This option is also available to students who must be enrolled full time (9 credit hours per semester) to meet financial aid or scholarship requirements.