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UNC studentPlease keep us updated on how you are doing and, at the same time, help the UNC McNair Scholars Program meet its contractual obligations to the US Department of Education.

As you know, one of the ways we are able to maintain the McNair Scholars Program is through providing yearly reports to the US Department of Education about our students’ progress toward completion of doctoral degrees.

Program alumni can stay in touch by contacting the McNair Program to request a tracking form.


If you need a fee waiver form or proof of program participation, please email us with the following information:

  • Your name (and what you went by during your participation in the program if different)
  • Current contact information
  • Years during which you participated in the program
  • Faculty mentor
  • School/Program to which you are applying
  • Instructions for submitting the fee waiver form (email a scanned version back to you, mail a hard copy to you, fax directly to the program, etc.)

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