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  • New digital content

  • Faculty and staff have been busy adding new content to Digital UNC. Recently the following collections have been added or expanded:
  • Cover of the 1936 to 1940 diary.
    Annie McCowen diaries, Professor of Elementary Education at Colorado State Teachers College from 1921-58.
  • George Willard Frasier diaries, former university president, written during and after his tenure.
  • The Tessa Dalton Collection, featuring images taken during James Michener's travels while conducting research for his novel Centennial.
  • The Athletics Collection, featuring images of various sporting groups and events from throughout the University's history.
  • Master's theses dating back to the 1910s.
  • Student newspaper is going digital
  • Crucible dated October 1913, opened to show two pages.The University of Northern Colorado will digitize student newspapers from 1892 through 2000, and when the project is finished later this summer, all editions up to present day will be made available to the public and searchable online through Digital UNC.
    Top half of the front page of The Mirror dated July 15 1926.
    The student newspapers include The Crucible from 1892-1921 and The Mirror from 1919-2000. Remaining editions to the present day have already been added to Digital UNC at

    The project involves scanning about 70,000 total pages, said Jay Trask, head of Archival Services and associate professor of Libraries. Once scanned, the original print pages will be preserved in archival folders in the Michener Library.

    “This is a preemptive strike against the forces of destruction,” said Trask, pointing out that visitors to Archival Services in Michener Library frequently search the publications in conducting historical research. “Newsprint doesn’t last that long, and we want to preserve the historical record.”