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Searching for information about Connie Willis?  Then you've seen the thousands of results--mostly reviews, booksellers, or no longer available. The links below exclude these. If you know of a website you think should be included, please let us know.


The Official Connie Willis Website



25 Years of Spectra: To Say Nothing of the Dog (1998) by Connie Willis and Anne Groell. By DPomerico, June 24, 2010.

25 Years of Spectra: Doomsday Book (1992) by Connie Willis and Rhea Ryans. By DPomerico, June 16, 2010.

An Interview with Connie Willis. Wormhole Books. 2002

Connie Willis. 2001 by Netpoint NV

Connie Willis: The Facts of Death. Locus Magazine. January 2003

Connie Willis: Interview. OmniVision. December 4, 2007

Famous Science Fiction Authors. 1999

Farce Retrospective: an interview with Connie Willis. Nick Gevers. Interzone, November 2001

Science and Spirituality in Science Fiction. Edited version of a discussion held at MIT on March 6, 2000



Awards, Banquets, Conventions, GOH:

Puzzling Connie Willis by James Patrick Kelly. Boskone 36, 1999

Connie Willis bio by Deb Geisler. Boskone 36, 1999


Excerpts, short stories, other writings:  

Blackout - Spectra Books. 2010

"Just Like the Ones That We Used to Know" Asimov's. December 2003

Passage - Bantam Books. 2001

"The Murderer is...ARRRGGGGGHHH!"  Last Gasps and Final Thoughts by Connie Willis. [2001]


Non-English language websites:

Connie Willis, o del quotidiano. [1999]

"La Sidone Nello Specchio". [1999]