Telephone Services

Network Communications administers the University's telephone system network including local and long distance service. The University features Cisco IP phones with a variety of user-manageable settings. Requests for services and equipment are processed through the Technical Support Center at (970) 351-4357 or at the SupportU portal.

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Telephone Extension & Voicemail - An extension and voicemail are available once your PDID has been completed. You can submit a ticket to request an extension and voicemail to the Technical Support Center. A link has been provided for your convenience.

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Conference Bridge - A phone number can be provided for multiple audio conference participants to call in to. Up to 10 participants can be on one call. Please call the TSC at (970) 351-4357 to verify the availability of the resource and information on telephone number prior to scheduling a conference call. You will then be contacted with instructions on how to establish this service.

Long Distance Authorization Code - Faculty & Staff can obtain an authorization code for their University related long distance calls once an account has been set up. This request can be made by submitting a ticket to the Technical Support Center. University policy requires faculty and staff to reimburse their department for all personal long distance telephone charges placed using the long distance authorization code.

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Unified Messaging - Combines your voicemail messages and emails together thereby allowing you to gain access to your voicemail messages and email messages by telephone or a computer equipped with speakers. Computer users can select and play voicemail recordings that appear in their email inboxes. Telephone users can both retrieve voicemail and hear text-to-voice translation of email messages.

For more information about any of the above services, please contact the Technical Support Center at (970) 351-4357 or via the SupportU portal.