Innovative Technology

The Innovative Technology Group is a subsidiary of the Information Technology Committee comprised of representatives from Information Management and Technology, faculty from all academic colleges, student representatives, as well as representatives from various administrative departments across campus.  The Innovative Technology Group evaluates new software and makes recommendations on how and when the new technology should be deployed and communicated to campus.  The Innovative Technology Group also selects the standard computer hardware configuration for the campus refresh programs on an annual basis, and provides recommendations for other technology initiatives.

Current Innovative Technology Initiatives

Standard Computer Hardware Configurations
The Innovative Technology Group is finalizing the selection of the preferred hardware configurations. Every year the committee selects a PC Laptop, PC Desktop, Apple Laptop and Apple Desktop as a standard configuration.  The committee's goal is to identify hardware configurations that will accommodate the majority of computing needs for the University including lab, classroom, and faculty and staff machines.  The committee must make fiscally responsible decisions when selecting hardware configurations that will sustain a 5 year refresh cycle. The standard preferred hardware configurations are used for the Academic Computer Refresh Program for all faculty and staff computers as well as the Student Computer Refresh Program for all lab and classroom computers. 

Smart Classroom Advisory
The Innovative Technology Group has been selected to replace the Smart Classroom Advisory Group.  Beginning in the October meeting, the committee will begin discussing the configuration, build and refresh of Smart Classrooms.

Technology Under Review

The Innovative Technology Group is responsible for testing and evaluating new software in a controlled environment prior to campus wide deployment.  Technology is evaluated in four separate phases. 

Click here for a list of technology currently under review.

Phase 1 - Technical Overview and Research. The new software is installed on two or three computers within the Information Management and Technology department.  During this Phase 1 technicians get a general overview of the product and identify any potential security vulnerabilities with the product. They also research the product by using resources such as online technical journals in order to start preparing for implementing the product into the University environment. Once the product has cleared a security test then testing moves onto Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Detailed Testing and Compatibility. During this phase, the software is installed on all Innovative Technology Group members' computers. Extensive testing is performed on the new software with all University enterprise software. A list of known compatibility issues is created and the team works with software vendors to resolve incompatibilities. A training plan, technical support plan, and deployment plan are created during this phase. Once the majority of the compatibility issues have been resolved the testing moves onto Phase 3.

Phase 3 - Early Adopters. During this phase software is installed on a select number of computers outside of Innovative Technology. These users include faculty, staff and small computer labs. During this phase the Innovative Technology team solicits feedback from the early adopters and continues to develop support and training plans. Hands on training is also available during this phase, where users can see the new software in a test lab. Once all feedback is received and Innovative Technology is ready to officially support the product campus wide the product is deployed through Phase 4.

Phase 4 - Campus Deployment. During this phase the product is deployed to campus and communications are sent to campus. Hands on training continues to be available to campus through the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL).

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