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After you're Admitted

Offered Admission

When an applicant is offered Admissions to the University of Northern Colorado the applicant will receive an admission letter, confirmation form, and welcome package.

Your admission letter will have the following useful information:

  • Your residency classification for registration purposes.
    • Questions about residency should be directed to Janis Hooper, Admissions Coordinator.
  • Your Bear number (official university ID).
    • You will use this number frequently as you conduct business throughout campus. Memorize or keep it somewhere safe for quick reference.
  • Your BearMail student email address.  
    • Check this account often since it is the only way UNC offices will send communications to you. 

Conditional and Provisional Admission:

  • Conditional Admission: Conditional admission refers to applicants admitted pending the receipt of admission requirements specified by the Graduate School. No student will be permitted to register for an additional semester, receive financial aid or take the comprehensive examination or its equivalent unless the specified requirement(s) is met during the first semester of the student's program.
  • Provisional Admission: Provisional admission refers to applicants admitted pending the completion of certain requirements stipulated by the program which must be met before granting regular admission. A student has one year to meet all requirements. No student will be permitted to register for an additional semester, receive financial aid or take the comprehensive examination or its equivalent unless the specified requirement(s) is met.

Regret letters will be mailed to your address.


Confirm that you will be attending UNC by completing the confirmation form enclosed in your admission package. Return the form to the Graduate School and International Admissions Office in the self-addressed envelope.

Activate your Student Accounts

Activate the following student accounts:

Having Trouble?

Contact UNC's help desk. They may be contacted 24/7 at 970- 351-HELP (4357).

Course Registration

Before you register for classes make sure that you have spoken with your Graduate Coordinator to identify a plan for your degree.

You will register for classes using URSA. Follow the instructions on the New & Current Students Registration Checklist webpage for further instructions.

Graduate students must comply with the continuous registration policy.

Immunization Records

In compliance with Colorado law and State Health Department regulations, UNC requires persons born Jan. 1, 1957 or later, to show proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella. 

The Certificate of immunization for College Students Forms (pdf) should be submitted to the Student Health Center, located in Cassidy Hall, or faxed to 970-351-3234.  This certificate must be signed by a physician, nurse or school authority. You will not be able to register for classes until you submit this form.

If you do not have proof of immunization, you must either obtain the required immunizations, available after your arrival on campus at the Student Health Center, or sign the exemption statement at the bottom of the form. 

Learn more about Immunization Requirements.

Admission Expiration

Upon approval from the program, admission to any graduate program will remain valid for one calendar year following the first day of the applicant's proposed semester of enrollment. If a student does not begin course work during that year, the student may be required to submit a new application with the appropriate processing fee and satisfy the new admission requirements.

Admission to the University of Northern Colorado is made without regard to age, race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disabling condition, sexual orientation, military service, or political affiliation. In fact, convinced that diversity fosters individual growth and social maturation, UNC actively seeks to enroll a diverse student body.


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