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Education: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education, MAT

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The Master of Arts in Teaching in Linguistically Diverse Education provides experienced practitioners with the knowledge, abilities, and dispositions needed to scaffold their own professional development toward a vision of accomplished practice. Candidates in this program analyze philosophical and contemporary practices and theories relating to knowledge acquisition as a means of enhancing student learning and the curriculum development process within school systems. Three abilities are emphasized throughout the program: critical reflection, systematic inquiry, and collaboration. Teacher participants use these abilities to plan and implement a series of learning and assessment projects for the purpose of improving students' learning and achievement. The M.A.T. program provides opportunities to develop in-depth understanding of content-specific pedagogy, the curriculum development process, teacher research, and portfolio approaches to teaching and learning. Teachers are encouraged to become school leaders as they gain confidence working with increasingly diverse groups of children, parents, and colleagues. The program has several emphases: in Elementary Education, Curriculum Studies, Linguistically Diverse Education, and English Education. One year or successful classroom teaching experience is required for graduation.

Class Format online

Tuition & Fees

Total Degree Requirements

33 Credit Hours

Graduate Coordinator

Deborah Romero, 970-351-2458

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