Captioning Requests

For more information about captioning, please see the UNC Captioning Policy.

For assistance determining if your materials have captions, please see our Captioning Quick Start Guide.

If you have a request from a student in your course for Captioning or Transcripts, please complete the Captioned Materials Request Form.

For larger files, please upload them to the DSS SharePoint site at: Choose "Captioning Requests" from the left side menu and then choose "Add document." Please give “Full Access” when sharing file.

DSS can send off the following file types to be captioned:

  • DVDs (please allow 4-6 weeks for processing)

  • .FLV

  • .MOV

  • .MP4

  • .MP3

  • YouTube Clips (in some cases)

If the file type is not listed above, we cannot accept it. (i.e. weblinks other than YouTube, VHS tapes, and cassette tapes)