On-Line Dining Contracts ~ Meal Plans & Dining Dollars

Are you a student living in the Residence Halls? If so, you are automatically assigned the 19 Meals Per Week + 15 Bonus Meals + 150 Dining Dollars unless you have chosen a different plan in your housing contract. Not living in the Residence Halls? Can't decide which meal plan to choose? CLICK HERE to check out your options.

Submit Your New Contract

Use one of the following options to change your Meal Plan, add Bonus Meals, or add Dining Dollars to your account. The login screens look similar, so be careful which option you choose.

Please remember that submitting a "blank" contract does not mean you're cancelling your meal plan. If you are eligible and would like to cancel your meal plan or Dining Dollars, please email diningservices@unco.edu for information.



Please remember:

  1. All meal plans expire at the end of each semester.
  2. Dining Dollars carry forward from Fall to Spring, but they expire at the end of Spring semester.
  3. You must be a registered student to use the on-line dining contract.
  4. Don't have a Social Security Number? Here's a hint... if you get an error when logging in, try using XXXX instead of the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Sometimes there isn't a SSN listed in the system, so it will error out. If that doesn't work, please contact Dining Services at (970) 351-2652 or diningservices@unco.edu for more information.

Deadlines to Remember

The deadline to change/cancel your meal contract (includes traditional meal plans, bear plans, and dining dollars) is 5pm on the University published add/drop deadline:

  • Fall 2015: Friday, September 4th
  • Spring 2016: Monday, January 25th