Dr. Ester Gimbernat González, Professor of Hispanic Studies

Assistant Editors (students):
Adriana Camacho
Bria Hutchinson
Anaísa Lua
Carrie Martin
Erik Ramírez

Assistant Editors (instructors):
Evita Ennis
Gloria Monzón

Editorial Board:
Profesores del Departamento de Hispanic Studies

Mónica Pesántez Guillén

Adams Design

Cadencias is Hispanic Studies’s student literary and arts magazine. Selected student works will be published in this annual virtual magazine. The selections will include compositions, term papers, poetry, prose, creative, non-fiction, photography, and traditional and digital art that were presented for different courses of the department. Everybody taking classes in Hispanic Studies Department is encouraged to get involved.

To submit, e-mail CADENCIASunco@gmail.com with your submission attached. Please only include the title and the body of the work in your attachment; enter your name in the body of the e-mail. Writing should be in .doc or .docx format; images can be .png, .jpg, or .gif. Submission deadline will be at the end of the Spring Semester.