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Language & Culture in China: May 20 - June 28th, 2013

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Earn 6 Credits: FL 296 and MIND 181 (LAC 7 and LAC3c)


The course will begin at on campus with two days of preparatory work. The course will then move to China for 5 weeks. Students will arrive in Xi’an, China where they will spend 4 weeks taking intensive Chinese language courses at Shaanxi Normal University’s International College of Chinese Studies (60 contact hours, total), and live on-campus in a student hotel with UNC faculty and resident-directors. While in Xi’an, students participate in excursions to sites within and around the city that highlight the religions and cultures of traditional China, such as the Terra Cotta Soldiers, the Great Mosque, the Temple of the Eight Immortals, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and the sacred Daoist mountain Hua shan. Through these visits, students learn about the great philosophical, religious, and literary traditions of Asia. Students also have time to explore the city on their own, interact with locals, and put their language skills to practical and immediate use.

The International College of Chinese Studies (ICCS) at Shaanxi Normal University ( SNU) in Xi’an, China, welcomes over 500 students from around the world each year to study Chinese language and culture in its intensive Chinese Language Training Program.

Smaller than similar programs in the nation’s larger cities with fewer foreigners living in the area, and located at the geographic center of China, ICCS is the ideal institution to study Chinese and learn about the rich culture and history of China. Surrounded by historic landmarks dating back more than 2,000 years, distinctive local cuisine and folk culture, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of Chinese history and culture, in addition to  excellent language instruction at the top  Chinese language training institution in northwest China .

During the fifth week students will travel to Nanjing. Students will stay 3 nights in Nanjing. The first stop will be the Xiaoling Mausoleum and Linggu Buddhist Temple. While in Nanjing, students will visis the City Wall Gate, Zijin Mountain, nanjing Massacre Memorial, and a Confucius temple.

Students will end the program with 3 days excursion to Suzhou and Hangzhou. Here they will visit Suzhou Humble Administrator Garden, a silk factory, West Lake, Lingyin Temple, a local tea house, and Six Harmony Pagoda. Most lunch and dinners will be the responsibility of the students. Students will have free time in the evenings to explore as they wish.

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Excursions, field trips, and real life experiences will enhance the content of each course.



Application Deadline: February 15
Program Dates: May 20 - June 28



The estimated cost for the program is $5,700 - $6,200 which includes tuition, accommodations, all excursions, field trips, several meals, international airfare, in-country transportation, visa application fees, health insurance, and course materials. Price excludes some meals and personal expenses.



Students will earn 6 credits, which can be applied to meet LAC requirements in areas 3C and 7. Students will enroll in:

MIND 181 Great Traditions of Asia: India, China, and Japan
FL 296 Intensive Chinese Language

Click here for MIND 181 Syllabus
Click here for FL 296 Syllabus


This program is open to all students, staff, alumni, and community members. Students should be 18 years or older with a clean disciplinary record.

Housing and Meals

Students will stay in double-occupancy dorms on campus for the first four weeks of the program. These dorms have private bathrooms, air condintioning, and high-speed internet. They are close to shops and restaurants. During the last week of the trip, stuents will stay in a hotel, which includes breakfast daily.



Complete the online application below. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. If selected, the student will need to complete an admissions application for Shaanxi Normal University. The UNC Study Abroad Office will provide students with the Shaanxi Normal University application after acceptance has been made.


Students attending SNU will apply for one of two visa options “Business (F) Visa” or “Student (X) Visa.” Please visit the link below to choose the appropriate visa type. Applicants must appear in person or hire a visa company to obtain your Chinese visa. Once you arrive in China, the SNU international student office (ISO) will prepare paperwork for you to obtain your resident permit before your first visa expires. Secondly, you will be required to complete a health examination before a resident permit is issued. This health examination is done in China and directions will be given to you by the ISO. The cost for the health examination is approximately 300 RMB. Thirdly, you are required to go to the local police station of your residence (check with ISO or your landlord to find out where it is located) to show proof of your residence for on-campus housing or the apartment you rented. Lastly, when all of these steps are complete you will go to the visa office to apply for a resident permit at the visa office. Note: the visa office will keep your passport for up to a week or longer to complete the process, this is normal.

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    China application deadline: FEBRUARY 15th!