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The University of Canberra (UC) is located in Australia’s capital city. It has been recognized by the Australian government for its strong learning and teaching performance. It is home to state of the art facilities and near many of Canberra’s top attractions.

The Study Abroad Office at UC offers high-levels of support for study abroad and exchange students.

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Fall Application Deadline: March 12
Fall Semester: view website

Spring Application Deadline: October 1
Spring Semester: view website


Students participating in an exchange will pay tuition and fees to UNC. They will pay all other expenses in the host country. The budget given in US dollars is an estimate and is subject to change dependent on exchange rates. Tuition and fees estimates below are based on in-state residency rates with COF. Students will be billed at their current tuition rate. Estimated costs provided by UC can be found here.

UC offers two $2,500 AUD awards each semester. Two applicants will be nominated to UC by the Study Abroad Office as scholarship recipients. Selections will be made based on a combination of both academic perforamace and financial need.

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All costs are estimated based on a five-month semester.

Program Fees (billed through UNC account)

Tuition and Fees


International Health Insurance


Study Abroad/Exchange Admin Fee





Estimated Additional Expenses (not billed to student account)

Housing and/or Meals




Passport/Visa/Required Documents/Photos/Immunizations


In-country Health Insurance (OSCH, visa requirement)


Texts/Course Materials


Essential Daily Living Expenses


TOTAL Estimated Additional Expenses (without spending money)

$10,075 – 15,575

Additional Spending Money & Personal Travel
 (not included in financial aid calculation)


The above estimated total expenses are used to help plan and prepare for the program, as well as calculate eligibility for financial aid.  Not all students will incur all the expenses above.  Note that the last line is not considered a necessary expense and is not included in the total for financial aid purposes.  All amounts listed are estimates and are subject to change depending on international economic factors, past participant reports, and on-site staff reports.  Student expenditures in-country depends greatly on personal spending habits, post- or during-program travel, and available funds.



Like Washington D.C., Canberra offers a unique range of opportunities and nationally important sites such as the Parliament House, High Court, War Memorial, National Gallery, National Museum, National Library, and the Australian Institute of Sport. Its central location between Sydney and Melbourne makes travel to Australia’s largest cities easy and affordable. Furthermore, the surrounding geography makes Canberra a dream for the outdoors enthusiast, as it lies within two hours of Australia’s largest mountain range; it is surrounded by lakes, rivers and swamps, and is within two hours of the coast.

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The University of Canberra International Office organizes a variety of seasonal trips such as learning how to surf, bicycling, rock climbing, trips to wineries and more. The University of Canberra hosts several annual events and offers many clubs and organizations for students.

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Students of any major will find relevant course work at the University of Canberra. Courses can be applied to Liberal Arts core, university electives, or towards your major. Students will enroll in 4 units at U Canberra, which will transfer back as 16 UNC credit hours.

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Language of Instruction



To be eligible to apply students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and have completed at least two semester of courses at UNC. This program is open to all majors. 4-6 exchange spots are available each semester. Students may apply for one semester or one academic year.

Housing and Meals

The University of Canberra offeres guaranteed on-campus housing through the University of Canberra Village whicg offers a wide variety of student living options. The options vary greatly in cost ($3,824 - $7,320 USD per semester). Students will need to pay a refundable security deposit upon moving in. This amount ranges from $637 - $1376 USD depending on type of housing. Housing costs listed above are calculated on a 20-week period.

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Students must first complete the UNC Study Abroad application. Once nominated by UNC, they will receive a link to complete an online application by the University of Canberra.


Students will need to apply for a visa to study in Australia for four months. The visa process is simple and can be done online. Australia offers several visa types that may include study. We recommend students apply for the Australian Non-Award Student Visa (sub-class 575).
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Students can work for up to 20 hrs/week. Jobs are plenty in Canberra, with many students working on campus. However, there is an additional visa cost to be able to work.

Photo Gallery

Photos UNC students have taken while in Canberra

Australian Parlement Buliding
Australian Parliament Building (Photo courtesy of Kirttra Gonzales)

War Memorial
Australian War Memorial (Photo courtesy of Kittra Gonzales)

Conserve Australia
Working with Conserve Australia Project (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Byrum)

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