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Past Globetrotter Photo Contest Winners

Spring 2013

Up Close and Personal: Photos with people

Bethany Blackburn

Through the Eyes of a Child

Siegen, Germany

Once a year, the community of Siegen turns off the electric illumination to create a dazzling array in the square with thousands of candles, torches and balloons filled with tiny lights. Here, a young girl curiously engages in this annual Night of a Thousand Lights.



The View from Here: landscape and nature photos

Megan Neeley
Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway, Bushmills, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Giants Causeway, considered one of the top natural wonders of the United Kingdom, is famous for its breathtaking sights, folktales of Giants, and the natural formation of the hexagonal stones.


If I Had a Hammer: an architectural or historical site photo

Megan Neeley
Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness

Inverness-Shire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Urquhart Castle is nestled on the banks of the famous Loch Ness. Once a fortress in the 13th century now remains a sight of beautiful ruins. 


Bears Abroad: photo with you present

Megan Neeley
Abandoned Fears

Castlerock, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Megan Neeley facing her fear of heights on the edge of highest cliffs of Castlerock, Northern Ireland


Fall 2012

Up Close and Personal: Photos with people

Maggie McGing, "Just Another Day In India"

Udaipur, Rajasthan is best known as the backdrop of the James Bond classic Octopussy. I had the opportunity to visit this “Venice of India” while studying Hindi in the neighboring city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The two men in the portraits are Sadhus. Sadhus are Hindu monks who dedicate their lives to their religious practices. These two Sadhus lived at a local temple and spent their days blessing local patrons. I was struck by the bright orange clothing and the rich texture of the temple.


The View from Here: landscape and nature photos

Sarah Metcalfe, "No Place Like Home"

This was taken in the outskirts of Dublin City. About ten miles from the city center is some of the most amazing landscape. In this particular image, I captured one of the graveyards that lay behind The Rathsallagh House, a castle dating back before the 18th century. The image captures the Wicklow Mountains in the background and a bit of sun on the grass. Being that there is almost never a completely sunny day, I thought this picture would be the epitome of an Irish countryside. I miss this every day, there is no place like home.


If I Had a Hammer: an architectural or historical site photo

Sarah Metcalfe, "A Search for Risotto"

I spent an entire day on the Internet looking for places in Venice that I would find Risotto. I had heard that Murano was the place to go, so went on the first Vaperetto in the morning and boated to the close, coastal island. In search for all of the Italian restaurants I ran into some of the most naturally beautiful buildings I have ever seen. I was fortunate enough to visit 10 countries while I was studying in Ireland. It was difficult to pick just one picture; I’d choose Murano every time.



Bears Abroad: photo with you present

Lindsay Jones, "Eternal Friendship"

It’s 6:30 am and freezing in the desert. However, this didn’t matter to my friends and I, who were determined to watch the sunrise from the top of the dunes. Bundled up, we hiked through the sand until we found the perfect spot and then burrowed under our blankets again until it got light out. As the sun began to crest over the dunes in the distance, we braved the cold and snapped this photo. I feel like this photo perfectly depicts the friendships I developed, they are never ending, just like the rolling sand in the desert.


Spring 2011

OVERALL WINNER: Hunger Behind Bars by Kori Zedaker.I took this picture while on a service trip with Operation Hunger in the Khayelitsha Township located just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. These children live in one of the poorest and most crime-ridden communiities in all of South Africa. This is the fastest growing township in South Africa, with over 400,000 people living there. When I looked at these children, I felt all of their emotions, and is one of the moments of my study abroad experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Overall Globetrotter winner: Hunger Behind Bars

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WINNER: Small Change by Ainslee Metherd. This picture was taken in Whitby, Yorkshire, England. The first weekend in October in the U.K. is a national holiday in England called Guy Fawkes Day. Whitby was bustling with people out enjoying the holiday weekend. This man was asking for small change in an alley at dusk, a few yards from the boardwalk and the seaside. The music from his accordion added to the ambiance of the children laughing, seagulls calling, the smell of British fish and chips, and the sounds of waves crashing against the breakers.

Globetrotter winner: Small Change

THE VIEW FROM HERE WINNER: An Alp-solutely Remarkable Day by Lauren Richards. This photo was taken in Queenstown, located in the South Island of New Zealand. Queenstown sits on the edge of Lake Wakatipu and is surrounded by the Southern Alps. It is home to some of the most incredible scenery in the world. This picture I took is looking out onto Lake Wakatipu wit the Remarkable Mountain Range in the background. This picture highlights New Zealands's truly unique subtropical climate. This picture was taken mid-September, which is the beginning of their springtime. Queenstown is known as the "adventure capital of the world" and is the sister city to Aspen, Colorado. There are an abundance of outdoor adventure activities to choose from such as bungee jumping, skydiving, jet boating, white water rafting, tramping (hiking), skiing/snowboarding, horseback riding and much more!

Globetrotter winner: An Alp-solutely Remarkable Day

IF I HAD A HAMMER WINNER: The Tower by Paige Lewkow. At the beginning of summer, we had the opportunity to visit the gorgeous city of Paris. Unfortunately, we only had three hours to tour the entire city. We managed to see the Champs d'Elysee, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. This picture was taken on a small Parisian street as we approached the magnificent structure and the crowd is awestruck with its magnitude. For as many times as we had seen pictures of this historic place, nothing can prepare you for the grandeur of the woven metal that is the Eiffel Tower.

Globetrotter winner: The Tower

ME IN . . . WINNER: Camels and Pyramids by Myranda Hoffman. Two friends and I went to Cairo for four days. We were doing so many things that we did not make it to the pyramids until the last day! We must have found the only "camel tour" shop that allowed us to each have our own camel because every other tourist we saw there had to share a camel with their guide. A teenage boy walked on the ground, leading our camels by a rope, so we didn' t even have to steer!

Globetrotter winner: Camels and Pyramids