Study Abroad Events

Announcements & Spring Calendar of Events

Mar. 24

Study Abroad in Asia

1-2 pm

UC Council Rm

Apr. 3

Study Abroad in Latin America

1-2 pm

UC Council Rm

Apr. 11

National Student Exchange (NSE) Info Session

12-1 pm

UC Council Rm

Apr. 14

Study Abroad in Europe

1-2 pm

UC Council Rm

Apr. 21

CIE End-of-Year Reception

4-6 pm


Apr. 22

Study Abroad in Africa

1-2 pm

UC Council Rm


Fall 2014 Globetrotter Photo Contest Winners

Up Close and Personal: Photos with people

Amanda Neiges




Bears Abroad: photo with you present

Heather Savino
My Time

Bangkok, Thailand

This is my favorite spot in the whole city. It's on the rooftop of my apartment building, where you can see the whole skyline of the city. Better yet, its one of the most silent places in all of Bangkok, which believe me is hard to find. I often read, do homework, or just sit back and listen to the silence up here. The view is great and the vibes are groovin'!


The View from Here: landscape and nature photos

Anson Zong-Liscum
Strolling in Versailles

Paris, France

I stopped for a few days in Paris with my mom. We made a trip out to Versailles and saw Marie Antoinette's Gardens which were beautiful. I caught this photo of a cottage with all the flowers blooming and trees full of life. To me this was probably one of the most beautiful scenic moments I have been able to catch.


If I Had a Hammer: an architectural or historical site photo

Mia Klosterman
From The Grave

Vestfold, Norway

This stave church is one of the oldest in Norway being close to 1,000 years old. Stave churches gained their name from the big pole in the center that is the heart of the structure. What makes this age more impressive is that the entire church is made of wood. Much of the wood on the inside is the very same wood from when it was first built.