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Congrats on being placed! Your NSE coordinator has just told you on which campus you have been placed. Your hard work has paid off and you want to leave tomorrow, but need to complete a few steps before you can leave for your exchange:

1. In order for your exchange to be official, you will need to confirm your placement with the NSE Placement Acceptance Form (PAF). This verifies that you accept or reject your placement at the host university for the specified length of exchange. This is a legal document that allows both UNC and your host university to begin the exchange process.

Note: your exchange is not confirmed without a signed PAF.

2. You will need to attend an outgoing orientation meeting, during which the NSE coordinator will answer many of your questions about your exchange and explain information regarding the following required topics/paperwork:

  • FERPA and protection extended to you based on federal law
  • Exchange Responsibilities -- UNC's expectations of you while on exchange
  • Course Transfer process -- UNC's Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form

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3. It is your responsibility to ensure that your financial aid  is set up appropriately for your exchange. Using our "Study Abroad Budget Form" we will work out a budget for your exchange and you will meet with Justin Davis in the Office of Financial Aid to determine your eligibility. Make sure you have your bank account linked with Financial Aid so you can receive your financial aid overage through direct deposit.

4. Once you have completed the above paperwork, you are ready for exchange from UNC's perspective!

5. Your next steps are dependent on your host university. Most universities require that you actually apply for housing and courses. All of this will be discussed prior to your exchange by your NSE host coordinator. This also marks the point where your host NSE coordinator is your primary contact for your NSE exchange.

Important Note: At this point, it is important to check your email regularly as important, time-sensitive information is often sent over the summer and academic breaks. Failing to complete this paperwork may result in delays or possible cancellation of your exchange.


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