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An NSE exchange is an extremely affordable study away option for UNC students. UNC is a "Plan B" school only, which means that you pay UNC tuition and fees and room & board to your host campus. While on exchange, you remain eligible for most forms of financial aid, just as if you were still at UNC. In some cases, an NSE exchange can be cheaper than UNC!

The application fee is $300, which covers all administrative aspects of your exchange, including aiding with the course transfer process upon return.

Costs for NSE Exchange

NSE Application Fee


Tuition & Fees (you will be billed for 12 credit hours)

UNC Fee Schedule

Additional fees assessed by host campus

Varies, see NSE member campuses for information about required and optional fees

Housing and Meals

Varies, paid to host university

Books and Supplies


Airfare/Travel Expenses


Personal Expenses





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