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As a current and founding member of NSE, UNC has sent and welcomed hundreds of students from across the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Now, it's your turn to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to study away through NSE.

There are over 170 different NSE colleges and universities to choose from in 48 states, 7 Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam.

For more information, attend one of our NSE information sessions throughout the year.

Students choose NSE for many different reasons, but regardless of their initial reasons, NSE participants have found their exchanges culturally enriching, academically rewarding, and one of the most significant experiences of their undergraduate education. Some benefits and opportunities of studying through NSE include:


1) Broaden your perspective: attend a school with a strong academic department in your major.

2) Live in a new environment and culture: from cold to warm, plains to mountains, and concrete to beach, we are sure that you can find a campus with the right combination of academics, extracurricular activities, facilities, and environment to meet your needs and interests.

3) Study French or Spanish: study in Quebec or Puerto Rico to immerse yourself in a foreign language.

4) More affordable than study abroad: pay your regular UNC tuition to attend one of over 170 colleges and universities. You can still work and go to school with most NSE exchanges.

5) Find an internship not in Colorado, but stay enrolled in school.

6) Check out a potential graduate school: before applying to potential graduate school and moving across the country, study there for a semester as an undergraduate and meet your future professors and get an overall impression of the school.

7) Attend a specific out-of-state school that you've always wanted to attend, but couldn't afford.

8) Attend a specific type of institution: member institutions include:

•Historically Black Colleges & Universities

•Hispanic Serving Universities

•Public Liberal Arts Colleges

•Spanish-Speaking Universities

•French-Speaking Universities

•Polytechnic Universities

•Land-Grant Universities

•Sea-Grant Universities

•Space-Grant Universities

•Sun-Grant Universities

•Urban Universities

•Large Universities

•Small Colleges



For more information:

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