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IEP Placement Policy and Procedures

Academic English Assessment (AEA) for new admits:

Students who have provisional admission or who have applied to the Intensive English Program only will be assessed with an Academic English Assessment. This assessment consists of an oral interview, a writing assessment, and a computer assessment for listening, grammar, and reading

During the oral interview, students have an opportunity to demonstrate language proficiency by showing completion of another CEA accredited language program (transcripts are required, and students must show a 3.0 GPA or higher), or by providing documentation of a new language exam score (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE) that meets university admission requirements.  The Director of the IEP will evaluate the proficiency qualifications and determine whether or not the students will take the rest of the assessment.

Based on the students’ scores on the AEA, students are placed in the IEP program in the designated levels:

Placement in the Intensive English Program:

Final Percentage Score


Below 40%

Low Basic - Level 1


High Basic - Level 2


Low Intermediate - Level 3


High Intermediate Level 4


Low Advanced - Level 5


High Advanced - Level 6 and 7

90% or above

Intensive English courses may be taken by student on a voluntary basis, but are not required.

Once a student has taken the Academic English Assessment and has been placed in the program, the student will be required to successfully complete the current and all following levels, including skill courses, with a minimum grade of 80%.  Changes in placement level may be made if

  1. Students have scores that place them in drastically different levels—for example, level 5 in speaking/listening and level 2 in reading (reassessment often needed)
  2. Student chooses to move back one level, with the instructor’s approval, during the first three days of classes
  3. Student wishes to challenge the initial placement (with instructor’s approval)
    • A student wishing to challenge initial placement in the IEP must take a final exam for the current level and score 80% or higher to move up one level.
    • The challenge must be done before the “ADD” deadline. 

IEP Proficiency Scale and Descriptors